virtual team excellence

by Shawn Ireland & Paula Hart

In a constantly changing world that is forcing us all to consider the whole notion of work, one trend is the rise of distributed workforces. How can we get people spread across geograpic, cultural and organisational boundaries to work effectively in virtual teams? This book provides many of the answers.

From experience gained from working for over 25 years in a diverse range of business sectors around the world, the authors have developed the Virtual Team Model (VTM) – a practical, step-by-step guide to setting up and managing virtual teams.

The book seeks to provide all those involved in virtual team working – leaders, managers and team members themselves – with the tools they will need to achieve virtual team excellence.

"Relevant, insightful and timely"

P Welling, activ8development

"The VT model is a great set of techniques"

MB, Itron

"Great book. I will follow the guidelines for our virtual team"

S Scott, The Alchemist Professors